Youth Programs

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8 for 8

/ Ages 6-14 / Wednesdays

If your kid has never bowled in a league this is for you! 
$8 for 8 weeks of bowling fun!!!
We will teach your kid how to bowl! 
FREE Bowling Ball, FREE shoe rental, and FREE coaching!

Saturday Youth
/ Ages 3-19 /Saturdays

Kids will get Free Coaching and Free Practice times. This league is the stepping stone to earn scholarship money for college!!! $8.00 per week.
Bowling is one of the only sports where no one sits on the bench, 
and is also a lifetime sport that can be enjoyed at any age.  
"One of the great benefits of USBC Youth membership is the chance to earn college scholarships so you can pursue your dreams. Did you know more than $6 million in scholarship money is offered each season by bowling associations and councils, certified tournaments and proprietors throughout the United States?" Quoted from

USBC Youth Registration Fee: $8.00